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Getting Oak Barrels

One thing that you should know about oak barrels is that it’s been used widely to transport whiskey. Also, one should know that oak was widely used when it comes to making whiskey. If you’re wondering of the reason for that, it’s because of the fact that oak has proven to enhance the flavor of whiskey. If you’re to make a comparison, oak is like food seasoning for whiskey. Of course, you’ll have to take into consideration some things before you start using oak for your whiskey.

You might be wondering why it has to be oak. This is because certain types of wood, when made into barrels, tend to have high amounts of resin residue. It’s also a fact that some trees, like pine, tend to be porous to be made into whiskey barrels. With that said, oak does not have a porous attribute which makes it an ideal material for making whiskey barrels. Other than that, making oak barrels is fairly easy since oak can be bent easily. One thing’s for sure is that oak brings aromatic qualities to the whiskey. Some of these aromas include cloves, smoke, and coffee. This is why whiskey in oak barrels have distinctive and creamy nuance to it. The aromatic compounds and tannin content are also known to harmonize with the whiskey when put in an oak barrel. Due to such reasons, more than ninety-nine percent of whiskey barrels are from the oak.

Using oak barrels also does not provide the air-tight environment condition for the whiskey in it. This leads to the whiskey receiving microscopic amounts of oxygen which eventually softens the whiskey. The flavor of the whiskey also becomes concentrated since the alcohol and water can evaporate through the oak barrel. This process is something that’s necessary for red whiskeys which are made from numerous intense grapes such as the Cabernet Sauvignon. Also, enhancing white whiskey flavor has proven to be more effective with the use of oak barrels.

If you’re a vintner, then you should know that there are certain reasons why oak barrels are ideal for aging whiskey. One of the most important factors when it comes to whiskey aging is the size of the barrel. The oak barrels allow the whiskey to extract more aromatic qualities due to the barrel’s surface area. If you’re making whiskey barrels from oak, then you should know that the age of the wood is also an important factor. This is necessary if you don’t want the oak barrel to have too much influence in the whiskey’s aroma. Also, you should be aware that there are different types of oaks that can be used for whiskey barrels for different objectives. In any case, oak barrels have proven ideal when it comes to making the best whiskeys.

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